Life Lessons from Kinder Fitness Sessions

A sport session for tiny tots is one the unlikeliest places for life lessons. But that wasn’t to be in one of our sessions. 

A little girl of 3, let’s call her Isha, participated in one of the team activities at Kinder Fitness. The activity was simple, one kid had to complete a short obstacle course while the others cheered the kid along chanting the name. The course ended with the kid giving others a high-five and the next kid started.

Isha waited patiently for her turn, cheering on the others with a lot of enthusiasm.

The first kid completed the course, but for some reason (maybe she was too little for him to see among the other kids) missed giving a high-five to Isha. It was the same with the second kid as well. Though there was a slight disappointment in her face, it was momentary. But when the third kid came along, Isha put out her hand and said aloud “Give me a High-Five!”. The kid gave her a high-five and there was clapping and smiles all around.

There are a couple important life lessons at play here. One, if something doesn’t happen the way you want it at the first attempt, don’t be disappointed, keep trying. Secondly, if people don’t reach out to you, nothing stopping you from reaching out to them. That’s also the beautiful aspect of little kids. They don’t overthink things.

While the core focus at Kinder Fitness has been to build agility, motor skills and other associated skills that come along with playing sport, there are also a wide variety of valuable and intangible life lessons that come along with our sessions.

So, come along with your kid for one of our sessions and observe them. We promise you there may be some life lessons for you as well!

The rapidly evolving coronavirus (Covid-19) situation has imposed an unsettling, fluid situation upon our community & business. As per government directives & to make sure our little ones remain safe, we have temporarily suspended our activities. We are closely monitoring the situation and will update once we'll be able to get back to the normal routine. Stay Safe!