Who We Are

About Us

Kinder fitness was founded by a group of technology professionals with the aim to create awareness of sports and fitness among the little children. In today’s world where children spend far too much time on mobiles and gadgets, there is a need to find constructive ways to burn off energy and build their interest in an activity that could provide lifelong benefits. Their enthusiasm and spontaneity should be channelized in a better manner.

These statements led to the mantra behind the founding of Kinder Fitness and our core mission: “A fun Multi-Sport program designed to introduce children (aged 1.5 years to 7 years) to the wonderful world of sports and building their core agility, and motor skills while also improving overall health”.

In addition to our core mission, our program also employ organized sports as a means to help children learn teamwork skills. The programs are designed to provide the added benefit of playing with other kids of their age group that helps them develop social skills. Playing Sports also teaches them discipline for life. Our classes employ techniques to ensure that they learn to listen, follow the rules and build their overall confidence.

Overall Our well-rounded curriculum is designed keeping the age group in mind and skills are taught in the most fun way possible.

The rapidly evolving coronavirus (Covid-19) situation has imposed an unsettling, fluid situation upon our community & business. As per government directives & to make sure our little ones remain safe, we have temporarily suspended our activities. We are closely monitoring the situation and will update once we'll be able to get back to the normal routine. Stay Safe!