Life Lessons from Kinder Fitness Sessions

A sport session for tiny tots is one the unlikeliest places for life lessons. But that wasn’t to be in one of our sessions. 

A little girl of 3, let’s call her Isha, participated in one of the team activities at Kinder Fitness. The activity was simple, one kid had to complete a short obstacle course while the others cheered the kid along chanting the name. The course ended with the kid giving others a high-five and the next kid started.

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Tiny Tots and the Sports Bug

One of the few bugs that parents wouldn’t mind their kids picking up would be the love of sports. Sports is one of the most important learning environments for kids in their early years. Apart from the obvious health benefits that sports provides for kids especially the ones that are hooked onto the multitude of screens, it also provides a host of other benefits. These benefits can be broken down to show the actual impact that it has on kids.

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The rapidly evolving coronavirus (Covid-19) situation has imposed an unsettling, fluid situation upon our community & business. As per government directives & to make sure our little ones remain safe, we have temporarily suspended our activities. We are closely monitoring the situation and will update once we'll be able to get back to the normal routine. Stay Safe!