Multi-Sport Program

Our Multi-Sports Program introduces children to different sports and improves their skill set while also working on their agility & motor skill development. The program introduces children to 8 (soccer, basketball, hockey, tennis, golf, baseball, volleyball, and cricket) different sports taking into consideration the age-appropriate skill level. The program starts with the basic movements of different Sports and skills are progressively introduced through the course of the curriculum.

We cater to the following Age groups:

1.Ages 1.5 – 2.5 (A unique Parent-Child program)

2. Ages 2.5 – 4

3. Ages 4 – 7

We also include Zumba and Yoga as a part of Warm-up and Cool Down for our sessions.

The classes are held 1 session a day, 2 days a week and the whole curriculum is structured to complete all 8 sports introduction in 24 sessions (3 months). The fees are structured monthly and a child can drop off & join back to a different batch on a monthly basis, but we recommend to complete one batch for full 24 sessions. Based on the curriculum, every 3 months, the batch progressed to the next level and appropriate skills are introduced in the next quarter program. A child can later on progress to our Focused-Sports Programs and take 2 focused sports based on his/her interest.

Focused-Sport Program

Our Focused-Sports program is to practice advanced skill development for a specific sport. This gives children a chance to explore more of a single sport. This program is a natural progression from our multi-sport program, depending on the child’s natural interest and enthusiasm for one or two particular sport.

We’ll have a counseling session in which we’ll suggest what focused-sport the kid should progress, based on the child’s interest and skill-set. You can always discuss the details with our Program Coordinator to know what’s best for your child.

Customized Programs

Our customized program is a tailored-made fun-based sports program based on the events, like kids b’day parties, vacation camps, and other events. We customise our specially formulated curriculum to have hourly, daily or weekly activities, which are fun-based sport programs, tailored for kids age.

Please feel free to get in touch with us to have a customised and tailored-made age-appropriate program for your unique event.

The rapidly evolving coronavirus (Covid-19) situation has imposed an unsettling, fluid situation upon our community & business. As per government directives & to make sure our little ones remain safe, we have temporarily suspended our activities. We are closely monitoring the situation and will update once we'll be able to get back to the normal routine. Stay Safe!